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Environmental Health For Kids - Clean

House dust and indoor air can contain toxic chemicals that are released from tobacco smoke, glues, sealants, varnishes, paints, new furniture and flooring. These volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are released into the air and can settle on surfaces. Reduce indoor and outdoor air pollution!

  • Do not smoke indoors at any time. The chemicals found in tobacco smoke are known to cause cancers. Ask smokers to take it outside away from doors and windows.
  • Choose less toxic, low or zero VOC paints, finishes and glues.
  • Increase ventilation with fans or an open window when renovating, cleaning or making crafts.
  • Regularly clean surfaces with damp cloth.
  • cleanUse environmentally friendly cleaners.
  • Wet-mop at least once a week. Sweeping can increase dust.
  • Take your shoes off at the door to minimize the amount of dirt brought inside.
  • De-clutter and store toys in closed containers to reduce dust.
  • Children and pregnant women should stay away from areas being renovated, to reduce exposure to potentially harmful substances.
  • Reduce air pollution. Do not idle your car!

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