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About Us

The Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit offers a wide range of programs and public health services focused on promoting and protecting health, and preventing disease, disability and injury. These programs and services are funded by municipal and provincial tax dollars. The Board of Health governs the affairs of the health unit and oversees agency operations. Our work is guided by our Vision, Mission and Values. These core elements are integrated into our Strategic Plan to support the work we do on a daily basis.


Our Vision

The people who live, work and play in Simcoe Muskoka lead healthy, fulfilling and productive lives.

Our Mission

As champions of health for all, the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit works with individuals, families, agencies and communities to promote and protect health, and to prevent disease and injury.

We Value:

EXCELLENCE in promoting and protecting health, and providing quality programs and services.

ACCOUNTABILITY for our individual and collective actions and outcomes, and for the responsible and effective use of public funds and resources.

RESPECT for all people and their right to be treated fairly and with dignity.

WORKING IN PARTNERSHIP and collaborating with governments, agencies, communities, families and individuals.

A POSITIVE WORKING ENVIRONMENT where employees are engaged, and encouraged to exchange ideas, communicate openly, be innovative, and practice work-life balance.


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