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Strategic Plan

Our 2023-2024 Strategic Plan conveys the agency’s vision, mission and values and focuses on four priority areas, each with specific goals and objectives over the next two years.

Programs and Services

Goal 1: Deliver efficient and effective programs and services.

Objective 1a): Prioritize quality improvement and reporting processes to monitor organizational and program performance.

Objective 1b): Continue to respond to COVID-19 and other respiratory viruses and prepare for potential surges in activity where a coordinated agency response and allocation of resources is required.

Goal 2: Ensure programs and services are guided by principles of health equity.

Objective 2a): Continue the resumption and renewal of routine public health programs and services, guided by principles of health equity and recognizing the indirect impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Goal 3: Enhance and solidify emergency preparedness mechanisms.

Objective 3a): Enhance emergency response plans based on recommendations from the COVID-19 evaluation and provincial reports.


Goal 1: Support employees as they participate in the delivery of our programs and services.

Objective 1a): Develop and refresh knowledge, skills, and competencies to achieve excellence in program and service delivery.

Objective 1b): Enhance organizational culture through employee engagement.


Goal 1: Foster and strengthen relationships with communities and partners.

Objective 1a): Continue to renew or enhance relationships with communities and partners, including Indigenous communities.

Objective 1b): Engage, collaborate, and coordinate with health system partners in relation to mutual priorities.


Goal 1: Communicate for sufficient, predictable, and timely public health funding.

Objective 1a): Communicate to the Province for sufficient, predictable, and timely resources that allow for effective and efficient delivery of the Ontario Public Health Standards.

Goal 2: Plan for organizational change to optimize agency effectiveness.

Objective 2a): Develop a plan to optimize the organization of programs and services for agency effectiveness in consideration of available resources.




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