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Environmental Health For Kids - Natural

Personal care products, air fresheners and some of the foods we eat may contain harmful chemicals. These chemicals can be inhaled, absorbed through the skin or consumed during eating. When considering personal care products for yourself or children, or when purchasing consumer products or food items for your home – try natural!

  • Choose low-fat meats and dairy. Higher fat foods can accumulate chemicals.
  • Choose low mercury fish like char, herring, mackerel, salmon trout and canned light tuna.
  • If possible choose a variety of unprocessed foods. Ensure all fruits and vegetables are washed prior to eating.natural
  • Fragrance-free is the best choice!
  • Substitute commercial air fresheners with fresh cut or dried flowers.
  • Reduce the use of antibacterial soaps and lotions. Plain soap and water is best for handwashing.
  • Choose cleaning products made with non-toxic ingredients.
  • Select only insect repellents intended for children and follow instructions carefully.
  • Do not use pesticides.


Environmental Health for Kids - Clean

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Environmental Health for Kids - Safe


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