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Hunger Cues

Your baby will let you know when they are hungry. Watch for your baby’s feeding cues. Feed your baby whenever you see signs of hunger. Early feeding cues include baby stirring, moving arms, mouth open, yawning or licking, hand to mouth movements, turning head side to side and rooting.

Using a pacifier may seem like a good idea, but it can hide early signs that your baby is hungry. You do not want to miss your baby’s early hunger signs. Missing signs may cause you to make less breastmilk.

Crying is a late sign that your baby is hungry. If you wait for this late sign you may find that your baby has more difficulty latching onto the breast. If this happens, it is time to calm your baby. You can hold your baby skin-to-skin. You can also cuddle, talk and stroke your baby. Once your baby is calm, you can begin to breastfeed.

Baby Feeding Cues

Baby’s Feeding Cues and Behaviours

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