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Diapering & Toileting

Child care staff must apply infection prevention and control measures when diapering and toileting because there is a risk of exposure to body fluids during these tasks. These body fluids carry infectious diseases.

 Diapering Areas

The diaper change station must be set up to prevent the spread of disease. The space must be separate from the children's activity area and any food areas (feeding, preparation, and/or storage) and not used for any other purpose. Ensure diapering areas are kept clean.  Children should be diapered on a dedicated surface and not "on the run" as it increases the risk of contaminating other surfaces.   Ensure all necessary supplies are accessible but out of children's reach.  Necessary supplies include:

  • A designated hand washing station
    • Use ONLY for hand washing - equipped with running water under pressure, liquid soap and paper towels in a dispenser
  • Single-use disposable gloves
    • Should ONLY be used during outbreaks or when changing a child with diarrhea or a very messy diaper. Otherwise, effective hand washing is sufficient.
  • Appropriate cleaner and disinfectant
    • Labelled and stored away from children's reach; clean then disinfect after each use, if if a paper liner is used. 
  • Foot-activated garbage container equipped with a tight-fitting lid and a disposable leak-proof liner
    • This garbage container must be emptied, cleaned and disinfected as needed
  • Diapering surfaces and diapering changing pads
    • Constructed of smooth, non-porous, non-absorbent material that is easy to clean and disinfect
    • Free of cracks, tears or rips
    • Used for diapering only

Steps for Diapering

  • Please refer to the Diaper Change Routine information sheet for the diapering steps   

Cloth Diapering and Soiled Personal Clothing

  • Clothing diapering is to be completed the same as disposable diapers with the exception that disposable diapers are discarded in the garbage, cloth diapers are to be placed in a sealable, leakproof bag and sent home with the child at the end of the day.
  • Centre staff are not to clean the diaper or empty its contents
  • The above also applies to any clothing that becomes soiled with feces/vomit etc. Soiled clothing is to be placed in a sealable, leakproof bag and sent home.

Toileting Areas

  • Toileting should take place in the washroom only
  • The washroom must have a hand washing sink and children and staff must perform hand hygiene after using the toilet
  • The handwashing sink must have running water under pressure, liquid soap and paper towels in a dispenser
  • Child sized toilets or adult toilets modified for children are easier to clean properly than potty chairs

Steps for toileting

  • Please refer to the Toilet Routine Information Sheet for toileting steps 
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