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Animal vaccination

All dogs and cats over three months of age must be vaccinated against rabies, according to the law. If your pet's vaccination is current, your pet is protected from fox, raccoon, and bat strain rabies. Other animals, including ferrets and livestock (i.e. horse, cow, bull, deer, calf, sheep) are also required to be vaccinated if they come into contact with the general public. Owners are required to provide proof of vaccination upon request from a public health inspector.

If your dog or cat didn't get vaccinated during a routine veterinary visit, you can take advantage of the low-cost rabies clinics in your area in the fall. When clinics are active, the schedule is posted below. For a listing of additional low-cost rabies vaccine clinics outside of Simcoe Muskoka, please refer to the Ontario Association of Veterinary Technicians.

Low-cost rabies clinics

Every year, the health unit works with local veterinarians to arrange low-cost rabies clinics for animals in Simcoe Muskoka. These clinics occur in the fall and we encourage you to take advantage of them if your dog or cat was not vaccinated during a routine veterinary visit.

We assist in coordinating these clinics because:

  • a current rabies vaccination is required by law in Ontario for all dogs, cats, and ferrets;
  • clinics assist with increasing the number of vaccinated animals in Simcoe Muskoka; and
  • they help reduce the risk of potential rabies exposures to humans.
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