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Cannabis impairs your abilities

Cannabis use impairs your ability to drive safely and operate equipment. It can also increase the risk of falls and other injuries, especially when you are doing higher-speed activities such as cycling, skiing or snowboarding.

Cannabis impairs your concentration, judgement, coordination, ability to judge distance and slows your reaction time and decision making abilities. Effects can last 1-12 hours or longer, depending on the person, the product used and the way it was used (smoked/vaped vs edibles).

Driving under the influence of cannabis may double the risk of being involved in a crash.  This risk for serious collisions increases even more when cannabis is mixed with alcohol.  

It is illegal to drive while impaired by drugs or alcohol. There is zero-tolerance for young, new or commercial drivers. Currently, police officers certified as Drug Recognition Evaluators (DREs) can evaluate a driver’s behaviour for impairment and can request a blood, urine or oral fluid sample for testing.  Conviction of driving while impaired by cannabis carries the same criminal offence and charges as alcohol-impaired driving.

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