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Pool & Spa Operators

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Recreational water facility operators

Under the Recreational Water Protocol, 2019, we are required to inspect public recreational water facilities such as pools, spas, wading pools, splash pads, spray pads and water slide receiving basins. The goal of these inspections is to help prevent or reduce water-related illnesses, injuries and death associated with recreational water. We inspect new and seasonal recreational water facilities upon opening and then on a routine basis each year.

Our inspections are to ensure compliance with the Ontario Public Pools Regulation 565. This regulation sets out the legal requirements for public recreational water facilities. Operators are required to be familiar with the regulation and ensure their facilities meet the legal requirements.

Owners and operators of newly constructed or altered public recreational water facilities, or facilities that have been closed for more than four weeks, are required to provide written notification to us at least 14 days before opening the facility for public use. You must complete a notification form to schedule an inspection. Please note: The notification form can only be submitted using Internet Explorer or Firefox (preferred).

You must receive written permission from one of our public health inspectors prior to opening or re-opening a public pool or spa.

Pool and spa operators are required to be trained in public pool and spa operation, maintenance, safety and emergency procedures, filtration systems and water chemistry. At times of inspection, we will ask the operators to confirm their training. Training course are currently available through:

Public pool, spa, and Class C facility - Operator's manual

Recreational Water Opening Request Form

Pool and spa maintenance records:

Our public health inspectors are available to provide information and guidance to assist you in providing the safest recreational water environment.

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