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Injury Prevention

Water Safety

Simcoe Muskoka residents enjoy an abundance of aquatic activities in lakes, rivers, private pools and recreational facilities. Unfortunately, many people die each year in water-related incidents. Of these incidents, many people are injured or drown while engaging in activities where they never expected to enter into the water such as unexpected falls into water while boating or into backyard pools.


  • An average of 525 Canadians drown each year
  • Almost 60% of fatalities occur in summer months
  • Children aged 1-4 and men 15-34 are most at risk
  • Alcohol is a factor in at least 38% of water-related fatalities of individuals over 1 years of age

Click here for more information on boating fatalities in Canada.

Pools without proper fencing are a particular hazard for children under five years of age. Many municipalities have bylaws requiring the presence and maintenance of fences and gates around private outdoor pools and may require permits for the installation or erection of swimming pools. Click here for more information on backyard pool safety.

Child Water Safety

Adult Water Safety 

Differences between Lifejackets and PFDs

Information for Pool and Spa Administrators

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