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Alcohol plays a large role in our society. People drink – either socially or on their own – some for fun, some to relax, some to cope with stress.

Alcohol is the most common drug in Simcoe Muskoka, as 83% of adults report being drinkers. By Grade 7, 17% of students have tried alcohol at least once, a number that increases to 78% of students by Grade 12.

Advertisements are everywhere; marketers are trying to sell their beverages with a vision of positive emotional experiences, such as humour, sexuality or prestige. At the same time, alcohol is commonly available at so many social places, cultural happenings, sporting events - just about anywhere that people gather.

The negative effects of alcohol are often viewed as belonging ONLY to those who abuse alcohol, or youth that binge drink and get into trouble. This is not the case; there can be a large number of health and social impacts experienced by anyone who drinks large amounts irregularly. These include:

  • violence
  • lost days of work, reduced work quality
  • chronic disease, increased cancer risk
  • mental illness such as depression
  • impaired relationships with friends and family

If you have questions about alcohol check out our information pages, or

If you wish to reflect on your drinking, or alcohol’s impact on health and society, please check out our Thirst campaign - join the conversation.




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