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Food Service Operators

Inspection Connection Signage

Signage as well as acrylic holders will be provided by the public health inspectors to each food premises free of charge. At the beginning of the program, the green signs will be provided with the most recent routine or re-inspection date noted.  As inspectors return for additional routine inspections, they will provide updated labels for the “date of inspection” area of the sign.  A new sign will not be issued for each inspection. In the event of damage to the Inspection Connection sign or holder, please notify your local public health inspector for replacements.

Green Sign: What does it mean?click on image for a zoomed in view

A green sign is a certificate of inspection noting that the food premises was inspected as per the requirements of the Ontario Food Premises Regulation, 562. A green sign identifies that, on the date of the inspection, the minimum standards of the regulation were met and any observed infractions (critical and non-critical) were followed up in an appropriate time frame.  Follow-up inspections and/or legal action take place at the discretion of the Public Health Inspector. Any infractions identified during an inspection (including non-critical infractions) are considered items of non-compliance as per the Regulation. Repeat infractions noted during re-inspections or during subsequent routine inspections may result in a ticket or summons being issued by the public health inspector for each infraction.

By posting this sign in a prominent location (e.g. front window) you demonstrate your commitment to food safety. The sign is intended to encourage clients to access Inspection Connection in order to make informed choices. The green sign will inform the public of the date of the most recent inspection and also invites patrons to view inspection results online. 

In addition to the green sign, if there was at least one food handler certified in food safety working while the inspection took place, an additional sticker will be provided that can be attached to the green sign. This information will also be posted on the website. For more information on food safety training click here

Red (CLOSED) Sign – What does it mean?

A red CLOSED sign is issued to the operator of a food premises when the Public Health Inspector is of the opinion, upon reasonable and probable grounds, that an immediate health hazard exists. These health hazards are critical infractions.

An order to close the premises under section 13 of the Health Protection and Promotion Act, R.S.O., 1990, c.H.7 (HPPA) will be issued. A Section 13 order is issued to eliminate or decrease the effect of the health hazard.  An order is a legal document. Failing to comply with an order is an offence, which upon conviction, could result in significant fines.

If you are provided with a red CLOSED sign, you will be required to post this sign at the entrance to your premises. Posting of this sign is not voluntary.

When a red CLOSED sign is issued, you are expected to stop preparing and/or selling food to the public immediately and correct the conditions listed in the closure order to remove the health hazard(s).  A follow-up inspection must take place before re-opening the food premise. Repeat infractions noted during re-inspections or during subsequent routine inspections may result in a ticket being issued for each infraction.

A Public Health Inspector will lift the order and remove the CLOSED sign if the health hazard(s) has been removed or corrected.

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