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Enforcement and complaints about smoking and vaping

In our communities, the health unit's tobacco enforcement officers (TEOs), who are designated provincial offences officers, are responsible for making sure residents, businesses, and community partners are in compliance with all indoor and outdoor places designated 100% smoke and vape-free under the Smoke-Free Ontario Act.

Tobacco enforcement officers (TEOs) help to ensure public places and workplaces are in compliance by:

  • providing businesses, institutions, multi-unit housing buildings, and condominiums with the No Smoking, No Vaping signage required by law to be posted in public areas;
  • responding to complaints of people smoking or vaping in No Smoking, No Vaping areas;
  • educating tobacco and e-cigarette retailers about the laws that govern the sale and promotion of these products and accessories (see retail sales and the SFOA); and
  • ensuring compliance with the laws banning the supply or sale of all tobacco and e-cigarette products to anyone under the age of 19.

If you would like to register a complaint about someone smoking tobacco or cannabis or vaping in a location where smoking is banned, call Health Connection and a TEO will be assigned to investigate.

Smoke-free and vape-free areas - for employers and proprietors

Employers and proprietors must place a No Smoking, No Vaping sign at each entrance and exit of enclosed workplaces, enclosed public places, and other areas where the smoking of tobacco is prohibited in appropriate locations, and in sufficient numbers to ensure that employees and the public are aware that no smoking is permitted in the place or area.

To access No Smoking No Vaping signs for businesses, click here.

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