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Skin Cancer

Did you know...

  • Skin cancer is the most common of all cancer types. About one third of all new cases of cancer in Canada are skin cancers, and the rates continue to rise (Government of Canada 2014)
  • Even though one sunburn increases the risk of developing skin cancer, the more time spent in the sun without protection, the higher the risk.
  • In addition to skin cancer, exposure to the sun and artificial tanning lights can also cause sunburn, premature skin aging, eye damage and weaken the immune system.
  • Check out more interesting facts by taking the Sun Safety Interactive Quiz.

Types of skin cancers?

There are three types of skin cancer:

  • Basal cell skin cancer, known as non-melanoma skin cancer. It is not lethal, but can cause severe disfigurement.
  • Squamous cell skin cancer is also a non-melanoma skin cancer. It can be potentially life threatening.
  • Malignant melanoma if not detected early can be deadly.

Do a spot check every day! 

See your health care provider if you notice any growth, mole or discoloured skin that appears suddenly or begins to change, or if a sore does not heal.

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