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After school

Many kids today spend their time inside and sitting instead of actively playing outside after school. This is very different from how it was many years ago, and sitting inside and not being active is putting their health at risk.

Let’s do what we can to change this.

Did you know children and youth (5-19 years) who are outside during the after-school period take about 2,500 more steps per day than those who stay indoors? That is almost the same as walking 2.5 kilometers (2020 ParticipACTION Report Card).

Tips to increase physical activity and active play in the after school hours:

  • Find ways to do more walking, cycling or wheeling for the trip home from school;
  • Limit screen time and make plans for outside play as part of the routine after school;
  • Be a good role model and get involved in family physical activity.Kids who have parents and caregivers who enjoy being physically active, are more likely to be physically activity;
  • Check out ParticipACTION’s Build Your Best Day.Parents and children/youth can choose activities to meet the 24-Hour Movement Guidelines. Many of these activities can be done during the after-school period;
  • Consider getting your kids involved in organized sports.Children and youth who participate in organized sport take 1900 more steps per day than those who do not (2020 ParticipACTION Report Card); and
  • Ask about school community partnerships. Partnerships between schools and organizations that offer sport, recreation and school-aged childcare have shown success in students going to programs at nearby facilities.
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