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…of Simcoe Muskoka residents reported not having completed high school (no certificate, diploma or degree).

People with lower levels of education tend to have poorer health and well-being. They also tend to have poorer health behaviours, lower incomes, less secure employment and poorer working conditions that people with more education.

What can be done?

You can: Volunteer to tutor students in your local community

Communities can: Research and advocate for programs like Pathways to Education to support high school students to graduate and go on to college or university.

Governments can:

  • Commit to reducing and eliminating tuition fees for post-secondary education.
  • Convert provincial student loans into non-repayable grants.
  • Eliminate interest on student loans coupled with debt-relief programs for low and middle income students.


Pathways to Education

Education: It Matters More to Health than Ever Before

Why Education Matter to Health: Exploring the Causes

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