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…of Simcoe Muskoka’s residents 12 years and older feel a somewhat weak or very weak sense of community belonging.

Being socially connected can be very important for people, especially in times of stress. Social connections can come from family, friends, co-workers, and neighbours, and provide people with a sense of belonging to a community.

A lack of social connection can increase the risk of death by 50%. Loneliness can be as unhealthy as smoking 15 cigarettes a day, drinking alcohol, being physically inactive or being obese.

What can be done?

Individuals can:

  • Reach out to people in your life, or in the community you live, who may be isolated.
  • Offer to make or share a meal with someone.
  • Volunteer in your community to meet new people and share social experiences.

Communities can:

  • Provide opportunities for people to volunteer their time.
  • Host group social activities that focus on specific age groups.

Governments can:

  • Make public transportation available so that people are not housebound without a vehicle.
  • Provide opportunities for people to register in free or low cost community programs



Campaign to End Loneliness

Building Social Connections

Men’s Sheds

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