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Bridges Out Of Poverty

Bridges out of Poverty (BOP) is a framework to increase our current understanding about poverty. It addresses poverty at the individual, community and policy level, and explains the hidden rules that govern many aspects of the lives of those living in poverty. It encourages organizations to address ways to redesign their programs and services to better serve vulnerable populations.

Bridges Out of Poverty defines poverty as: “Poverty is the extent to which one does without resources.”

With the goal of working together to improve the health of our population, many organizations and agencies in the County of Simcoe and District of Muskoka, including health unit staff, have received training and/or participated in Bridges Out of Poverty workshops.

Simcoe Circles

Muskoka Circles


Take a look at what community organizations, including the health unit, are saying about the BOP experience - BOP survey results 2013.

  • I have “ a much better understanding of the under resourced client”
  • The workshop  ”opened my eyes to the everyday struggles of poverty”

  • I understand better where I come from and where my clients are coming from

  • Today has given me a more open mind to poverty and how difficult it is to survive in poverty
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