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Health Equity

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  • “Let’s Start a Conversation…” (English) (French) - health is about more than access to medical care. Health is also influenced by a person’s social and economic conditions.
  • Make the Month - interactive game challenges you to manage your money, raise a child and make it through the month on a minimum wage.
  • What’s Good for Canada – a series of short videos from those living in low income and what needs to change from the Canadian Center of Policy Alternatives.


Social Determinants of Health and Health Equity


  • Basic Income Guarantee Network – (BIG) networks, raises awareness, supports policy development and research about having a BIG for all Canadians.
  • The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives a research institute concerned with policy issues of social, economic and environmental justice.
  • Generation Squeeze – addresses the barriers facing young Canadians regarding SDOH such as education, income, and housing.
  • Health Care Providers Against Poverty (Ontario) – advocate on income security and social security, raise awareness about the health impacts of poverty, and engage health providers and people living in poverty in social and political change.
  • Ontario Living Wage Network – Network of employers, employees and researchers to address standards of pay for low wage workers.
  • Upstream addresses the social determinants of health in order to build a healthier society.

Local organizations

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