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Alcohol is good for me

Health benefits from alcohol come from as little as ½ a standard drink per day. These benefits are on the cardiovascular system (heart and lungs) and mean the most difference for middle-aged adults.
If you drink more than the low risk drinking guidelines you’re undoing any benefits alcohol may have had in maintaining your cardiovascular system. As well, you’re putting yourself at increased risk of heart disease, liver disease, and many types of cancer.


How does alcohol affect your body and mind?

The alcohol industry would have you believe that alcohol is a positive part of your social life and has no impact on your health. Do you agree? Talk with a friend or someone you trust about the influences of alcohol on your body and mind – see if they think the same as you do.



 Body and Mind Effects of Alcohol


At the event… 


 In a few short years…

  • Too Much, Too Fast (passed out and poisoned)
  • Injuries
  • Violence
  • Personality Changes
  • Sex (unplanned, unprotected, unwanted)

Easily avoided with moderation.

Truth is, long term alcohol consumption can take away from your desired health.





Alcohol and Calories

Alcohol contains a lot of empty calories with little or no nutritional value. When mixed with sugary mixes like fruit juice, soda or syrups, these calories add up fast.

If you are trying to maintain a healthy body weight alcohol might be doing you no favors. The average regular strength beer has about 140 calories and ounce for ounce, wine is double that. This could wreak havoc with your waistline!

An article from Canadian Living takes a look at how various drinks compare.


Alcohol and Mental Health

Are you drinking to cope, relax or to de-stress? For some of us, alcohol has the power to do such thing, playing a big role in our mental health, for better or worse. Over time, alcohol use can cause depression and anxiety.

Between the genders, women are more likely to start drinking as a form of ‘self-medication’ of depression, though men can do this too. Unfortunately, this is vicious circle; alcohol can worsen these kinds of symptoms.

Have you ever pondered what motivates you to drink and in what circumstances? Are you enjoying, and sharing experiences with your friends or just coping and just getting by?

Share your coping strategies, healthy or otherwise, after a long day of work and responsibility.

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