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GlitterBug Handwashing Kit

Suggested for Kindergarten to Grade 8, this is an activity-based kit for hand hygiene promotion and infection control. The GlitterBug Handwashing Kit includes a UV light, ‘Be A Germ Stopper’ teacher resource manual, student activities and ‘Wash Your Hands’ book. Combined with other school-wide and classroom strategies, it can help to promote hand hygiene and infection control.

The GlitterBug Handwashing Kit supports the Healthy Living Strand of the Ontario Health and Physical Education Curriculum by addressing expectations under the topic of Human Development and Sexual Health related to hand hygiene promotion and infection control.

Schools from SCDSB, SMCDSB and TLDSB can loan a kit through their school board. Please connect directly with your school board to identify the key contact person to arrange to borrow the GlitterBug Handwashing Kit. Other schools can contact the School Health team to borrow a kit. To have more discussion about how to integrate the GlitterBug Handwashing Kit as a component of a comprehensive approach to supporting student well-being, please contact your School Health public health nurse.
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