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Schools & Child Care

Student and Parent Engagement

Student and parent engagement are important factors in promoting student achievement and well-being. There is tremendous value when schools can engage Students and families in Healthy Schools initiatives. They bring a unique perspective and can offer creative solutions. 

Student Voice

Student engagement refers to the extent to which students identify with and value their learning; feel a sense of belonging at school; are informed about, and empowered to participate in and lead academic and non-academic activities.

The Healthy Schools approach encourages student voice by actively engaging students in identifying and addressing health issues within their schools. Giving students a strong voice on your Healthy Schools Committee and other existing committees provides them with the opportunity to be both leaders and role models within their school community. It also recognizes the valuable role that students play in addressing the issues that affect them.

Parent and Family Engagement

When parents and caregivers are involved in their children's education, everyone benefits. We support schools to actively engage parents and caregivers in identifying strengths and priorities (e.g. through Healthy School surveys), and encourage their involvement in Healthy School committees and/or health and well-being initiatives. Our School Health program also offers:

  • Triple P Parenting Program, an evidenced-based program that assists with parenting and can have a positive influence on children’s behaviour over time. We deliver Triple P Parenting within schools by request, and in collaboration with other community partners.
  • Psychology Foundation’s Kids Have Stress Too!® Parent Program: workshops providing parents and caregivers an opportunity to learn about stress in children, their reactions to stress and build skills to support their children to cope with stressful experiences. A range of parent workshops are delivered by School Health public health nurses within school settings.
  • Newsletter inserts for you to use to share parenting and health messages with families.
  • Individualized support for families, through our Health Connection phone line.
To learn more about parent programs offered and ways to engage with parents and caregivers, contact your School Health public health nurse.
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