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Determinants of Health

‘Social determinants of health’ refer to the key social and economic factors impacting a person's health – health is not limited to our biology, genes, or lifestyle choices. School can take an active role to support the unique factors that impact their school community.

A first step to planning approaches to address the social determinants of health is to understand more about them. Current, local statistics for Determinants of Health in Simcoe Muskoka are available within the health unit’s HealthSTATS website.

A school community will have a range of socio-economic backgrounds represented. Students, parents, and staff live in social, geographic, and economic settings that have an impact on their health. Encourage all members of the school community to play an active role in supporting school health and well-being. We have tools to help schools learn more about social determinants of health and how it may impact their community.


What are the social determinants of health? | Canadian Public Health Association (

Bridges out of Poverty is a framework to increase our current understanding about poverty. Find out more information on how Bridges out of Poverty could be applied.

"Let's Start a Conversation About Health ...and Not Talk About Health Care at All" is a short video that highlights how health is heavily influenced by a person's social and economic conditions. We share the video with partners and community members in Simcoe Muskoka to initiate conversations about the social determinants of health and health inequities.

For more information on the social determinants of health, visit the Canadian Best Practices Portal.

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