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Postal Code Conversion File

Postal Code Conversion File (PCCF)

The Postal Code Conversion File (PCCF) provides a link between the Canada Post Corporation (CPC) six-character postal code and Statistics Canada’s standard geographic areas (such as dissemination area, census subdivision, and census tracts) which are used for census data and other statistics. This link between postal code and standard geographic areas permits the integration of data from various sources.


Canada Post Corporation and Statistics Canada distributed by the Community Data Program 

Data Notes:

  • Postal codes do not follow census geographic boundaries and may be linked to more than one standard geographic area. Therefore, one postal code may be represented by more than one record.
  • As part of the Simcoe County Data Consortium, SMDHU has access to the PCCF and PCCF + purchased from Environics Analytics through the national Community Data Program.

Data Used in the Following Dashboards:  

  • The PCCF+ is used to assign postal code data to census geographies for analysis and mapping in many dashboards.
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