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Ontario Marginalization Index

Ontario Marginalization Index

The Ontario Marginalization Index (ON-Marg) is a data tool that combines a wide range of demographic indicators from Ontario-specific census data. The tool allows exploration of multiple dimensions of marginalization and better understanding of inequalities in various measures of health and social well-being between different population groups, or different geographical areas.


Public Health Ontario in collaboration with MAP Centre for Urban Health Solutions at St. Michael’s Hospital.

Data Notes:

  • Public Health Ontario renamed the ON-Marg dimensions to move away from deficit-based language towards more strength-based language, and as such the Material Deprivation measure was renamed to Material Resource. At SMDHU, we are continuing to use the original terminology “Material Deprivation”, as we feel it is more intuitive and more easily communicated to the audience.
  • The 2021 edition uses the same dimensions as earlier versions of ON-Marg, with updated names:
    • Households and dwellings (previously called ‘residential instability’)
    • Material resources (previously called ‘material deprivation’)
    • Age and labour force (previously called ‘dependency’)
    • Racialized and newcomer populations (previously called ‘ethnic concentration’).

Data Used in the Following Dashboards:  

  • ON-Marg is used for the material deprivation analysis included within the sub-populations page for many dashboards.
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