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Ontario Medical Services Data

Ontario Medial Services Data

Ontario Medical Services data is obtained from the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) Approved Claims files. These files contain service and payment information for both fee-for service claims submitted by physicians and other licensed health professionals, and some of the "shadow billings" by providers in organization covered by alternate payment arrangements. Information can include patient, provider, procedure performed, number of services/units delivered, and some “diagnostic” information.


Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) Approved Claims distributed by Ontario Ministry of Health: IntelliHealth Ontario

Data Notes:

  • Since only some of the claims from the Ministry of Health’s various alternate payment programs or “shadow billers” are included, there may be undercounting of total volume of selected services.
  • Geographic information for residence of patient must be interpreted with extreme caution. OHIP does not collect any geographic information on either the patient or the provider as part of the claim. The location of the patient is based on the address of the person recorded in the Registered Persons Database.

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