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Ontario Cancer Registry (OCR)

Ontario Cancer Registry (OCR)

The Ontario Cancer Registry (OCR) contains information on Ontario residents who have been newly diagnoses with all types of malignant cancer, with the exception of basal cell and squamous cell (non-melanoma) skin cancers. The OCR also contains information on Ontario residents who have died of all types of malignant cancers.


Cancer Care Ontario 

Data Notes:

  • Cancer sites were coded using the Third Edition of the International Classification of Diseases for Oncology (ICDO-3).
  • Beginning in 2014, the OCR adopted the National Cancer Institute (NCI) SEER standards for counting multiple primaries for cancer cases diagnosed in 2010 and beyond. This standard is more liberal than the previously used case counting rules from the modified version of the International Association of Cancer Registries (IACR).
  • Cancer incidence data presented within these dashboards reflect the new rules for counting multiple primary cancers. To ensure consistent interpretation of trends, cancer incidence data is presented from 2010 onward.

Data Used in the Following Dashboards:  

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