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Raising Children

Brain development

The early years are a very important time for brain development. Babies are born with millions of brain cells, but brain development is not complete at birth. The brain continues to develop as new and repeated experiences create new connections and pathways in the brain.

Brain development affects your child’s ability to learn, solve problems, succeed in school, be happy and get along with others. Most brain growth happens by the time a child is three!

However, the brain does not fully mature until the age of 25. The teen brain first develops areas that control physical coordination, emotion and motivation. The part that powers the ability to think, plan, solve problems, make decisions and control emotions is one of the last areas to mature.

  • loving, caring relationships
  • warm, responsive care
  • positive learning experiences to help your child learn, explore and grow
  • a safe home and predictable routines
  • good food
  • community connections, such as EarlyON and library programs
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