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How to Tell Baby is Getting Enough

There are many signs you can use to know that your baby is getting enough breastmilk.

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Adapted with permission from Best Start Resource Center

Other Signs that your baby is breastfeeding well:

  • Your baby's mouth should look wet and pink.
  • Your baby 's eyes should look bright and clear.
  • Your baby should have active alert periods.
  • Your baby’s cry should be loud and strong.
  • Your baby should appear more relaxed and sleepy after a feeding.
  • Your baby should return to their birth weight by about 2 weeks after the birth.
  • Your breasts feel softer and less full after breastfeeding.

Your baby may be showing signs that they are getting plenty of milk but may remain restless and fussy when not at the breast. This does not always mean that your baby is still hungry. If your baby is not showing hunger cues, comfort your fussy baby by holding them skin-to-skin and providing other comfort measures.

If you are concerned that your baby may not be breastfeeding well, help and support is available in your community.


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