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Parenting and Drugs

Most young people don’t end up abusing drugs.  But the risk is there, considering that alcohol and other drugs are well accepted within our society.  There are lots of reasons they might consider experimenting…curiosity, risk-taking, and excitement.  And many young people also struggle to cope with school, their emotions, social situations and other types of stress.

Alcohol, marijuana and prescription medications are the most commonly misused drugs by teens. Because the teen brain is still developing, it is especially susceptible to the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol, which can damage both the structure and function of young brains.   

Did you know that parental disapproval is the number one reason why teens choose not to drink…or use marijuana…or other drugs? It’s never too early to talk to your kids about alcohol and other drugs, even though it may seem a bit awkward at first.

It is important to know that parents continue to have a great impact on their teen’s behavior and choices.  Teens are influenced by their parents' ideas of right and wrong, and what’s important in life.  And they also watch what you do, and how you react to life’s situations.  So, stay involved, talk to your teen, show an interest, provide guidance and structure, and let your teen know that you love them.

Talk early…Talk often…Talk about drugs.

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