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On July 1, 2018, the Ontario Food Premises Regulation was changed. The Province of Ontario made these changes under the Health Protection and Promotion Act. These include updated regulatory requirements that are based on the newest and best evidence.

Many changes have been made to the regulation and it is your responsibility as a food premises owner/operator to review the full document. Some changes within the regulation are highlighted below:

Required to post inspection results at business entrance: You will be required to post a ‘Certificate of Inspection’ (green sign) with an inspection date that is provided to you by your public health inspector at the completion of the inspection. This should be posted in a noticeable location for customers to see. In addition to routine inspection reports, as of January 1, 2019 complaint reports will also be available on the Inspection Connection website ( 

Certified food handler required on premises: You will be required to have at least one food handler or supervisor who has completed food handler training on the premises during every hour of operations.

Maintain records of pest control measures: You will be required to maintain records of all pest control actions that are completed on the premises. You are required to keep the records for at least one year after the date in which the pest control service was completed at your food premises.

To help assist with reducing foodborne illness, promote compliance and best practices, the following document was created. Click here for more details.

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