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Board of Health Operations

Policies and Procedures


BOH0101 Information Respecting Court Cases and Appeals

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that the Board of Health is informed and knowledgeable of all court cases and appeals in which the Health unit is involved either by legal court action initiated by the health unit or legal action initiated against the health unit.


BOH0102 Board of Health Member Attendance at Conferences

Continuing education opportunities enhance the ability of Board of Health members to maintain anawareness and understanding of public health issues and fulfill their roles and responsibilities in relationto governance. Attendance at professional meetings, conferences, workshops and in-services alsoprovides opportunities for networking, sharing, learning from others. Board of Health members areencouraged to attend appropriate educational conference events to assist them in their role and function.


HR0304 Staff Attendance at Board of Health Meetings

Communication between all levels of the helath unit is vital to agency functioning. Contact between the Board of Helath and staff within clearly defined parameters enhances the understanding of agency issues and directions.


A2.030 Board Of Health Orientation

In order to function effectively as a Board of Health, Board of Health members require an understanding of the organization's legislated mandate, mission and goals.  They also require a clear understanding of the duties and responsibilities of the Board of Health and a working knowledge of public health programs and services.  The sooner they receive, understand and use this information, the better prepared they will be to fulfill their duties and responsibilities. A comprehensive orientation program provides a solid foundation on which to build this understanding.


A2.040 Communications

The Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit is a publicly funded agency mandated to promote and protect the public's health and to prevent disease and injury.

The provincial government, local municipalities, community agencies and planning bodies, the people of Simcoe County and The District of Muskoka, and health unit staff all have a stake in the decisions of the Board of Health and the activities of the health unit.

The Board of Health is committed to communicating openly and honestly with its stakeholders in order to engage them in discussions and decisions regarding public health priorities for Simcoe and Muskoka and to ensure the public have the information they need to support health choices.


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