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Emergency Preparedness


Current flood risk information

Visit the following websites for information on flooding reports, or the state of local watersheds.


    What You Can Do

    ...if your area is at risk of being flooded:

    • Listen to the latest warnings and advisories on the radio and television.
    • Prepare your home for a possible extended vacancy and collect necessary personal items you will require if evacuated, such as cash, medication, important papers and identification, change of clothes.
    • Remove valuable items from the basement and lower-level areas.
    • Ensure that your cell phone is charged - it may be your only means of communication during an evacuation.
    • Be prepared to place your pets in a kennel, as evacuation centres may not accept animals.
    • Keep your automobile fueled.
    • Evacuate if directed to do so.
    • In the event of an evacuation, assist those with special needs such as children and persons with disabilities.
    • Secure all boats and items left loose on and around piers, docks, or boathouses.

    ...during a flood:

    • Shut off the electricity, furnaces, and the outside gas valves if safe to do so.
    • Never try to cross a flooded area on foot.
    • If you are in a car, do not drive through flood waters.

    ...after a flood:

    Flood dangers do not end when the water begins to recede. Take the following precautions following a flood:

    • Seek out medical assistance, if needed.
    • Check on neighbours who may need assistance.
    • Report any broken utility lines to the appropriate authorities.
    • Do not use flooded appliances, electrical outlets, switch boxes, or fuse breaker panels until they have been checked by your local authority.
    • The water in your home could be heavily contaminated with sewage and other pollutants after a flood. Listen for instructions from your local public health unit as to what to do.
    • Food may have been contaminated as well by flood waters or spoiled if the power went out.
    • Follow these guidelines when cleaning up after a flood.


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