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Why We Drink

  Why do we Drink?  


Drinking alcohol has been a common part of life for thousands of years in countries around the world. Here in Canada, alcohol has a role in our social fabric and many of our emotional experiences. Similar to many other Canadians, alcohol may play a part in your life or history. If you drink, realizing your motives to do so can help you understand and manage your relationship with alcohol.

You may choose to drink...

  • To relax to relieve stress

  • To bond with friends and share experiences

  • Because you feel it is part of your culture

  • To celebrate

  • To affect or change your emotional state

  • To enjoy the taste

  • To let loose, get a buzz, or ‘to party’

  • As a response to peer pressure

  • As part of your routine or as a habit

  • To ‘open up’ or feel more comfortable with others

  • For self-medication of physical or emotional pain


Or is it just what we do?


These are just some few examples of why people drink. Take some time to consider your reasons for drinking alcohol and share them with us.


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