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Alcohol saturates our culture and impacts our choices, often without us knowing. Advertising, books, movies, music videos, television, radio, traditions and cultural norms fill our lives with images and ideas about what kind of relationship we should have with alcohol.

Think about our alcohol-thirsty culture. Pause for a moment, look around you, and notice the messages that may influence your thoughts and behaviour. Reflect on what you are being told and what you are being sold.

Some of the most dynamic forces in the world of alcohol are the radio, internet, television and print advertisements used to sell it. Marketing firms work very hard to convince you to buy a product. This normalizes alcohol – desensitizing us to its presence and making it seem ‘cool’ by adding positive associations such as sexuality, fun, power, humour or prestige.




Take a look at the music videos below to see what they're saying about alcohol and how it is being portrayed.






Below are a number of books, each addressing alcohol and its prevalence in our society. While some books portray alcohol with humour and satire, others portray alcohol use in a painful way, recounting emotional and social consequences.


There are thousands of websites devoted to alcohol. From blogs, to exploring rejuvenated lives, to creative and humorous outlets, to recovering from pain, the internet is full of thoughts and ideas about alcohol. Here are some examples:


Drinking Diaries – From Celebration to Revelation


Hello Sunday Morning – Changing our relationship with alcohol, one Sunday at a time


Soberistas – Love and life in some measure of control



What are your favourite alcohol-related quotes, literature, pop culture, scenes from movies, or what-have-you?

Help expand our understanding of what’s floating around out there:


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