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Pregnancy and Before

Prenatal Classes

We offer FREE in-person and online prenatal classes.

Thank goodness you have nine months to prepare! If prenatal classes are on your pregnancy to-do list, let us help you check it off!

What’s included?

Labour and birth, comfort measures, medical procedures, newborns, after baby comes, breastfeeding and much more.

NEW- online prenatal class now includes pregnancy topics: baby’s growth, body changes, prenatal care, physical activity, special pregnancy considerations and more.



In-Person Prenatal Class

In-person prenatal classes provide an opportunity to:

  • Meet other pregnant people and families
  • Talk about pregnancy, birth, and newborns
  • Get answers to your questions and concerns from a public health nurse

More information and to register 

We are currently experiencing a disruption to our everyday business due to our agency’s response to COVID-19. This is expected to continue for some weeks and possibly into months. In light of this we are postponing all onsite programming such as prenatal. We apologize for this inconvenience, please check out the ONLINE options and check back for updates as to when classes will resume.


Online Prenatal Class

Online prenatal classes provide an opportunity to:

  • Choose the information that interests you
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Learn when and where you are most

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