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Census and National Household Survey (NHS)

Census and National Household Survey (NHS)

The census of population is carried out by Statistics Canada every five years and provides a reliable source for describing the population and dwelling counts not only for Canada but also for each province and territory, cities, and districts within cities. The census also provides information about Canada’s demographic, cultural, social, and economic characteristics.


Statistics Canada

Data Notes:

  • The 2021 short form Census questionnaire was sent out to 100% of all households. The 2021 long form Census questionnaire was sent out to 25% of all households. Target Group Profiles are produced using the 25% sample.
  • The 2021 Census included some updated or new questions, such as a new question on gender; updates to ethnic or cultural origins; and updated terminology related to Indigenous Peoples.
  • As part of the Simcoe County Data Consortium, SMDHU has access to custom tables and datasets purchased from Statistics Canada through the national Community Data Program. Many of these data products include breakdown to smaller geographic levels and different variable combinations not publicly available. Many of the Population Demographic pages use these data sets, specifically Target Group Profiles, which provide data for a specific group of persons, where all variables in the profile relate to these persons. Some examples of target group profiles include Indigenous peoples, francophone, and immigrants.
  • In 2011, Statistics Canada conducted a voluntary National Household Survey in place of the mandatory long form Census questionnaire. Due to changes in how the survey was administered, some data is not comparable between the 2011 National Household Survey and the 2016 and 2021 census.

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