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BORN Information Systems

Better Outcomes Registry & Network (BORN) Information Systems

The Better Outcomes Registry and Network (BORN) Information System is a provincial data source, funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health and supported by CHEO to collect and store data about every pregnancy, birth and child in Ontario, regardless of where the birth occurs (including births in hospitals, home or community settings). BORN is a timely maternal-child registry, providing a longitudinal perspective of each birth, from pregnancy, labour and birth to postnatal visit and care.


Better Outcomes Registry Network (BORN) Ontario 

Data Notes:

  • Birthing hospitals, midwifery practice groups, fertility clinics, prenatal screening labs, newborn screening laboratories, prenatal and newborn screening follow-up clinics in Ontario contribute data to BORN.
  • BORN supports the measurement of maternal-child health status and outcomes, and the development of responsive health policies; and improves evaluation and accountability of program and service delivery.
  • The BORN Information System (BIS) integrates data from the following five data sources:
    1. Fetal Alert Network (fetal and congenital anomalies)
    2. Prenatal Screening Ontario
    3. Niday Perinatal & Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)/Special Care Nursery (SCN) Database
    4. Ontario Midwifery Program
    5. Newborn Screening Ontario
  • BORN is a dynamic data source, whereby data are updated daily. Data for the same period extracted at two different time points may differ. To inform the user, the data extraction date is included in the data source.
  • BORN data are reviewed and cleaned by BORN Ontario staff and infant geographic information are added into the record based on postal code of residence, regardless of the location of birth. Postal codes were mapped by BORN based on the 2013 Postal Code Conversion File.
  • Data from First Nations communities are not included in the BORN public health data cube. BORN has removed all records with postal codes linked to First Nations communities to honour First Nations Ownership, Control, Access and Possession (OCAP) principles.
  • Data with 10 to <30% of missing data are released with caution and >30% missing is not releasable. Missing data are excluded from denominators for all percentages derived based on BORN data.
  • Provincial comparator data are available for selected indicators through BORN Standard Reports and reported where available.
  • There is generally a six-month lag time before data are considered complete and can be reported.

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