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Does your child have a yearly eye exam? Vision problems are common in school-aged children. Most parents believe that they would know if their child was having problems with their vision, but this is not always true. For instance, one in six children diagnosed with a learning disability actually has a correctable vision problem instead.

Eye exams for children in Ontario are covered by OHIP. This means it will not cost you anything for your child to have an eye exam. An optometrist can diagnose eye problems as well as test vision.

A child doesn’t have to be able to read to get an eye exam. Infants should have their first eye exam between six and nine months of age. Children should have another eye exam before starting kindergarten, to identify any issues that may cause them problems in class, and then yearly exams after that.

A child who cannot see properly may struggle academically, and may find sports and other physical activities difficult.


Ontario Association of Optometrists. Some optometrists in our area participate in the I See, I Learn program. This program provides free eyeglasses to children in junior kindergarten.

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