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Parent Child Relationship

Providing a loving, consistent and positive relationship with your child helps them to develop trust with you.                    


My Child and I: Attachment for Life (PDF 1.47 MB)


Caring for Kids – Attachment: a Connection For Life

Caring for Kids – When Your Child Misbehaves: Tips for Positive Discipline

Caring for Kids – Guiding Your Young Child With Positive Discipline

Parents continue to have a great impact on their teen’s behavior and choices.  Teens are influenced by their parents’ ideas of right and wrong, and what’s important in life.  And they also watch what you do, and how you react to life’s situations.  Building healthy relationships with a teenager may seem challenging, but it is critical so, stay involved, talk to your teen, show an interest, provide guidance and structure, and let your teen know that you love them. 


Communication With Teenagers

Building Relationships With Teenagers

When experiencing separation and divorce, there are resources that may be helpful.


What Happens Next? Information for Kids about Separation and Divorce (PDF 2.33 MB)


Families Change: Guide to Separation & Divorce

Caring for Kids – Helping Children Cope with Separation & Divorce

Because life goes on…helping children and youth live with separation and divorce

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