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Elementary School - What to do if you receive a  Notice of Suspension

Registering for Kindergarten - Immunization History is required when registering your child for Kindergarten. 


Immunization is not just for children.  Immunization protects us from many harmful diseases that once devastated our communities, our country and our world.  Diseases can have very serious complications, even death. Germs that cause disease travel easily throughout the world, disease has no boundaries. Disease is not picky about who it chooses and can be spread simply by a sneeze.  Germs that cause disease can live on surfaces such as taps, counter tops, door handles and skin for several hours, even days. Protect yourself and your family by following the recommended immunization schedule.

Parents must report all immunization information to public health for all children attending school or day nursery. Health Care Providers do not contact the health unit regarding immunizations they provide.

Report your child’s immunization to the health unit by secure on-line form, fax, mail or phone.


Immunization Program - Vaccine Education Series, Florida

Link to Immunization Program - Florida

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