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Tobacco-Free Sports and Recreation

As local youth head out onto the fields, pitches, and the ice for the season, it's a great time for coaches, parents, and organizations to get involved in making your teams tobacco free.

Why get involved? The answer is simple - tobacco and sports don't mix. Whether it is being exposed to secondhand smoke, using chew tobacco or smoking, tobacco products hurt a participant's performance.

When you make your sport or recreational group tobacco free it means participants, spectators, coaches, and leaders do not use any tobacco products while participating in any of the activities related to your organization. That includes making sure everyone follows the No Smoking laws in and around parks where children play and playing fields including spectator areas.

Tobacco-free sports not only gives everyone a chance to perform at their best, they also contribute to the healthy development of youth, families, and our local communities. What better way to introduce children to the benefits of physical activity and play than by giving them a recreation area that is free from tobacco litter and where others in and around the area are positive role models.

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