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Quit incentives, challenges

Sometimes it helps to have a little extra motivation to help you set your quit date or keep you on track. The following are just some of the incentives to help you quit, including the chance to win cash, free nicotine replacement products and information on how your quit will protect your family and friends. 

The Ultimate Quit Challenge - If you are between 18-29 years old and want a cash incentive to quit, stay smoke free or support someone else trying to quit, sign up for the Break It Off Challenge by February 6. The challenge period runs from February 7 to March 19, 2020. Let's do this - break it off. 

Don't Quit Quitting - It can take multiple tries to quit for good. The secret is don't quit quitting. Failure leads to success...links to free nicotine replacement supports and challenges.

First Week Challenge - Would a cash incentive help you quit? Register for this challenge to quit smoking for the first week of the month and you could win $500 cash on your road to quitting.

That's Risky - From the start of puberty until they have a baby, women are at increased risks from breathing secondhand smoke. Protect yourself and others from secondhand smoke. If you smoke, work towards quitting and don't smoke around others to protect their health.

Smoke-Free Campuses - Planning your post-secondary education?

STOP workshops with free nicotine patches

Every year, the health unit recognizes local Tobacco-Free Champions. These champions are nominated by their peers and community partners for making it a priority to help their clients, residents, staff and families stay or become tobacco free. Nomination information can be found here. For more details on winners, click here.
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