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Grade 8, 9 and 10 Catch-up Clinics

We are providing catch-up clinics for eligible students in Grade 8* who missed their first or second dose of hepatitis B, human papillomavirus (HPV), and meningococcal vaccines in Grade 7 as a result of the school immunization program being delayed due to the pandemic.

Catch-up clinics are being offered by appointment only at:

  • Health unit office locations starting June 4th and running throughout the summer
  • Georgian Mall clinic in Barrie starting June 4th and running throughout the summer (map below)

 mall (1)


*This may include eligible students in Grade 9 and 10 who missed the opportunity to be immunized when we were at their school this spring.

To book an appointment click here.

Consent forms DO NOT need to be completed ahead of time. Consent will be obtained onsite at the catch-up clinics.

If your child has already received these vaccines from their health care provider, please ensure that you update their record online.  Health care providers do not provide Public Health with your vaccination records.

Please note that the vaccine to protect against Meningitis (Meningococcal Conjugate ACYW- Menactra) is one of the vaccines designated under the Ontario's Immunization of School Pupils Act (ISPA) which requires that children and youth attending primary or secondary school be immunized against certain diseases unless they have a valid exemption.




Hepatitis B* (Hep B)

Grades 7 to 10

Human Papillomavirus ** (HPV)

Grades 7 to 12

This includes:

All students who will be graduating secondary school in 2022 and female students who graduated secondary school in 2020 and 2021

Meningococcal (Men-C-ACYW-135) ***

Grades 7 to 12

* Hepatitis B is a two-dose series if given between ages 11 to 15 (2 doses, 6 months apart)
** HPV is a two-dose series if the series is started before age 15 (2 doses, 6 months apart)
*** Men-C-ACYW-135 is one dose and is required for school attendance in Ontario for students aged 12 and older

Hepatitis B (Hep B)

This vaccine is important because it prevents against Hep B as it is a contagious viral infection of the liver.  The vaccine requires two doses six months apart for those 11-16 years of age and a three dose series if over 16 years of age to fully protect against the disease.  This vaccine is voluntary and not required under the law for school attendance.  Please be sure to let us know if your child has received Hep B as an infant or child through your health care provider (including Twinrix), as this will impact how many (if any) doses of Hep B your child requires for complete protection.

Human Papillomavirus (HPV)

This vaccine is important because it reduces the risk of various types of cancers such as throat and cervical cancer.  The vaccine requires two doses six months apart to fully protect against the disease.  This vaccine is voluntary and not required under the law for school attendance. 

Hep B and HPV-9 are both a two dose vaccine series, given six months apart. The opportunity to receive a second dose will happen next year (January – March 2023) when students are in high school.

Meningococcal Conjugate C-ACYW (Men-C-ACYW)

This vaccine is important because this disease is very serious and can lead to brain or blood infection.  This vaccine requires only one dose for full protection.  This vaccine is mandatory for children in Ontario to attend school.

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