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Ready to be THIRSTY?

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Ready To Be Thirsty #R2BT is an annual challenge to “Lose the Booze” or “Go easy” for the month of January.

Join the Challenge: No official sign up – this is about YOU! (And your friends and family if you involve them.) Share your successes and challenges with those around you.

On FaceBook:
Like Ready To Be Thirsty and join our   January ‘Lose the Booze’ event.

              Share and like with others participating in the challenge.

On Twitter:
Tweet your thoughts with #R2BT or to us @SMhowmanydrinks.

Don’t have social media?
– No problem. Share your commitment with others. Challenge them to understand their own habits.

Why lose the booze or go easy?

  • To think about why we love alcohol
  • To reflect on when we drink without thinking (pesky daily habits)
  • To save a few dollars
  • To lose a few pounds (if you don’t replace alcohol with other treats!)
  • To sleep better
  • To do something just for OURSELVES

If “Lose the Booze” isn’t for you try “Go Easy”


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