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Alcohol and Energy Drinks

Drinking alcohol and caffeine together can put you at greater risk of harm than drinking alcohol alone.

Over the past decade it has become increasingly popular, especially among youth and young adults, to mix energy drinks with alcohol. The reasons for doing so are varied; because it tastes good, to stay awake, to party longer or to get a quick buzz.

While it is true that combining alcohol and energy drinks may make you feel like you can party all night, alcohol still causes impairment on your body, judgment and reaction time no matter how alert the caffeine, sugar and other ingredients in Energy Drinks make you feel.

This false sense of alertness often causes people to consume more alcohol then they normally would and also to take risks that they normally would not when sober or when drinking alcohol alone. Furthermore it can cause some nasty side effects.

For more information on the risks associated with consuming alcohol and caffeine together please see - Alcohol and Caffeine: A BAD BUZZ by the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse (CCSA).

For information for the young people in your life, please see: Alcohol and Caffeine: A Bad Buzz. And remember, if you choose to drink alcohol it is best to follow Canada's Low Risk Drinking Guidelines and to not mix your alcohol with energy drinks.

For more information on alcohol and caffeine, and energy drinks in general, please visit the following links:

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