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Simcoe County Cup Joins the Tobacco-Free Sports Movement


The 2015 Simcoe County Cup Festival of Hockey is a member of the local tobacco-free sports movement. For the second year it has hosted a March tournament that attracted more than 1,000 youth and volunteers who were introduced to the importance of staying tobacco free to perform at their best!

When approached in 2013 by staff at the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit, the privately run organization was quick to recognize the importance of promoting tobacco-free living. Although it was too late to develop a policy for its inaugural tournament, the organizers partnered with the health unit to create a Play, Live, Be Tobacco Free policy for all players, coaches, and volunteers.

It was an easy fit with the organization's mission to enable the students of Simcoe County to take ownership of their sports activities, empowering them to reach their maximum potential in the areas of athletic development/participation, organizational leadership and management, volunteerism, and healthy living.

The policy is in place as promotions continue for the next annual Simcoe County Cup Festival of Hockey. To support awareness of the policy, the organization has posted the logo and link on the front page of the Simcoe County Cup website that explains the rationale for the policy and the expectations for tournament participants.

In partnership with the health unit, organizers are helping to build support while demonstrating positive role modeling to help youth play, live, and be tobacco free.

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