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How You Can Help Your Sports and Recreation Become Tobacco Free

  • Organizations can create a tobacco-free policy and share it with your players, coaches, parents, and municipalities. The health unit has a toolkit to help you with draft policies, player pledges, and other support materials. Visit the website for details.
  • Coaches - talk to your players and explain to them that tobacco stops them from being the best they can be by slowing their reaction time, making them tire more easily, and making it harder to breathe. Have players sign a tobacco-free pledge. Send home information for parents too so they can protect and promote the health of their young athletes too.
  • Parents - you are your children's strongest role model. If you use tobacco products, don't use them around your children. Keep the air free from secondhand smoke in the places they live and play. Support your team in their tobacco-free efforts by encouraging spectators and others to obey the law that bans smoking in parks and playing fields including spectator areas.
  • Community Members - whether or not you have youth involved in sports you can help promote healthier communities by being a positive role model and by following and promoting the laws that clear the air of tobacco use in the places youth play and gather outdoors for sports and recreation. Many local councils in this region have passed enhanced bylaws that also ban other forms of tobacco use to encourage healthy choices. If your local council hasn't passed a bylaw banning waterpipe/hookah use and all forms of tobacco use at local beaches, let your local politicians know it's time.

For more ideas, draft policies, and more, please visit

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