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Infectious Diseases

Infection Prevention and Control Lapse Report

Joe Philip and Associates

Initial Report Final Report

Initial Report

Premises/facility under investigation:

Joe Philip and Associates


18 Wyandotte Street
Orillia, ON  L3V 5M6

Type of premises/facility (e.g.: Clinic, Personal Services Setting):

Dental Clinic

Date SMDHU was notified of IPAC lapse:


How IPAC lapse information was received:


Date of initial report posting:


Date of initial report update(s) (if applicable):


Summary of IPAC lapse:

Inadequate reprocessing of critical reusable medical equipment/devices prior to each client.

Inadequate monitoring and auditing of cleaning and sterilization processes for reusable medical equipment/devices prior to each client.

Reprocessed critical medical equipment/devices not protected from contamination.

Inadequate disinfection of dental water lines.

Inadequate environmental cleaning of patient and reprocessing areas.

Inadequate administrative controls including staff education and training.

IPAC Lapse Investigation

Did the IPAC lapse involve a member of a regulatory college?


If yes, was the regulatory college notified? 


Were other stakeholders notified (if applicable)?


Corrective measures required to address lapse:

1. Cease reprocessing of all reusable medical equipment/devices immediately. Prior to recommencing use of reusuable medical equipment/devices ensure reprocessing complies with Provincial Infectious Diseases Advisory Committee (PIDAC) best practices, RCDSO Infection Prevention and Control Guidelines and manufacturers' guidelines.

2. Provide thorough environmental cleaning of all patient areas reprocessing areas and storage areas.

3. Policies and procedures, along with staff education and training should be enhanced for aspects of infection prevention and control including monitoring and auditing of reprocessing, management of single-use items, and disinfection of dental water lines.

Date any order(s) or directive(s) were issued:

Orders issued:

Final Report

Date final report was posted:


Date of final report update(s) (if applicable):


Date all corrective measures were confirmed complete:


Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit Contact

Name and Title

Heidi Pitfield, Program Manager, Infectious Diseases


[email protected]

Phone Number

(705) 721-7520 ext. 7300
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