Infection Prevention and Control Lapse Report

Coldwater Medical Centre

Initial Report   Final Report

Initial Report

Premises/facility under investigation:

Coldwater Medical Centre


45 River Street, Coldwater, ON


Type of premises/facility (e.g.: Clinic, Personal Services Setting):

Medical Clinic


Date SMDHU was notified of IPAC lapse:



How IPAC lapse information was received:



Date of initial report posting:  



Date of initial report update(s) (if applicable):


Summary of IPAC lapse:

  • Inadequate sharps management program.


IPAC Lapse Investigation

Did the IPAC lapse involve a member of a regulatory college?


If yes, which regulatory colleges?

College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario

College of Nurses of Ontario


If yes, was the regulatory college notified?



Were other stakeholders notified (if applicable)?



Corrective measures required to address lapse:

  1. Compliance with provincial and municipal legislations and relevant standards regarding the management of biomedical waste and safe handling of sharps.
  2. Policies and procedures, along with staff education and training, should be enhanced for aspects of infection prevention and control including sharps management and occupational health.


Date any order(s) or directive(s) were issued:


Final Report

Date final report was posted:



Date of final report update(s) (if applicable):


Date all corrective measures were confirmed complete:



Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit Contact

Name and Title

Heidi Pitfield, Program Manager, Infectious Diseases


[email protected]

Phone Number

(705) 721-7520 ext. 7300